the Why would David Ruffin’s son have to sell Cars?
I don’t HAVE to…I want to! I grew up in The Motor City, more commonly known as Detroit. My father loved cars! My Uncle Jimmie both loved and built cars in Motown… and you guessed it, I love cars!
So the love of cars is definitely in the Blood!

 But what was a deciding factor to sell them? The grimy car dealer energy that we all as consumers, experience all too often!
 I was interested in finding out how to remove the bs adding middle man, from an already super mysterious and almost always unpredictable situation.
What did also help me go harder in my investigation, was me spending 8K on 2008 BMW that after 15 minutes of driving it on the freeway back home, the transmission literally fell out!

I don’t want my friends or family to have to worry about the already speculative car industry and its manipulating system to get peoples money.
“sigh here” – to pay me/us 3 times the actual value of this USED CAR!
That transmission issues, was the day that I sought out to become a private dealer. I now have the ability to provide wholesale prices to community!
 I also have the capacity to acquire any type of vehicle  desired, from anywhere in the continental United States.
Here to help!



“There’ll never be another David Ruffin”
“David Ruffin has a Son?”
“Does he sing like his Daddy?”
“What’s it like being the son of such a great singer?”

…it happens! And I’ve grown to appreciate being connected (or Compared) to such a rare Gem of a voice! I’ve learned to embrace the pain in his song! I’ve also learned that he pasted onto me both the Blessings and Burdens.
Those same experiences have given me a look into the more meaningful elements of those events! Granting me an ability to align words in ways that not everyone can do, but potentially relate to!
I write to fill the spaces! The gaps and or voids! Or to give life’s inconsistencies and surprises a little less sting… or a little push into a more palatable, pliable or shapeable form.
I guess here is where I am actually & happy to be – The Middle Man!
Music is, by all accounts…designed to make us better! To heal in some way!
To feel “a part” of something other then ourselves. More importantly to be reminded or perhaps learning for the 1st time that WE are
….not alone in our feelings/thoughts, 
It’s a Ruffin thing… it’s most definitely in our Blood!
Here to Help!


Leading Dealer in Hot Tracks & Used Cars

Best Used Vehicles

I acquire vehicles that are attractive to my eyes and yes at times, my Ego!
I “fine tooth comb” each vehicle to ensure I know what you’re getting into.
This daunting task, I take on for you, so you don’t have to!

10-20% APR Financing

Cash Deals are preferred, but accommodations can be made
with a fair and an agreed on
proper downpayment.

Maintenance Packages

Are available for vehicles newer
than 2018
(Gap coverage is not customary on older vehicles, but I will always go the extra, to get you mobile with a smile on your face and wallet)

Musical Shape Shifter!

RUFFIN IT LLC is indeed in its infancy stages. Born from another RUFF GEAR INITIATIVE, RILLC plans to take stronger, longer strides to help enhance its communities by way of Music and Cars. Both locally and world-wide! Of course as it’s founder, I have been involved in the Music industry and do what I can to “pay it all forward” with that regard…I want to either help you “MAKE A HIT RECORD” or “GET YOU MOBILE AGAIN”.
I proclaim that I have never shaken my Motown blood and inspired, love for Music…that in most cases as a little guy, was in the back seat of a car! It was the cars and vehicles that got my attention 1st!
But on a serious note: As I mentioned, I got involved in independent car sales due to purchasing an 08 BMW (advertised as 09 on CL) with 90k miles for $8100…who’s transmission fell out 15 miles after I bought it! (Ask Mr Perkins about it, he was with me) Although I am restoring Cadillacs as a hobby from time to time, I have found pure joy in helping people locate transportation (vehicles of any type) that they either really need or seriously want! With the key objective being to acquire desired vehicle well below Market Value!
DRJ is the perfect guy if you need a broker or even a rep for your local auction or whole seller. Yes, an Entertainer and Car Broker in the same place!

“Together we can make it work” – DRJ

“Money isn’t everything, but getting the most for your buck is MONETArILY therapeutic”


Seymore Greene Jay-b
“Yes Siiir..Thank you Sir! I took care of that that same day actually on my way back to the DMV for turning the paperwork you gave me and finally had a day off. You made it too easy.

Danni Ji
“That was a lot! Yeah, having tried to get the tags at the kiosk and it not taking my Washington license, neither was the DMV taking new appointments other than renewal or driving tests. IDKH, but you made a call about my out-of-state license and got it worked out. Crazy.  Ty David 😊

Allan Recinos
“I WILL RETURN OR REFER ANYBODY ASKING! And thanks for the hook up buddy – I hate the DMV

check your Cashapp”

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