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    A Versatile Entertainer

    Singer, actor, writer and musician —  is always an added inspiration to the party. As a founding member of the SonOfMotown, David Jr has received accolades from both party-goers and professional groups alike. 

    • singer: R&B/HipHop 
    • actor: stage/tv/bigscreen
    • writer
    • public speaker
    • host
    • emcee

    It's in his BLOOD


    He knows as the son of the late singer David Ruffin, the legendary former lead singer of the “Temptations” (“My Girl”, “Aint too proud to beg”, “Beauty is only skin deep”, “Since I lost my baby”, “I wish it would rain” and others) that there has and always will be comparisons.

    Although David Jr. is blessed with a tremendous and powerful first and second tenor and an equally impressive Alto and Falsetto, he knows better to ever expect to reach the pinnacle that his Father has. DRJ has indeed made his own contributions to the Media world. Not only to and for the Ruffin Legacy, but more importantly, to Music as a whole. He is proud to have performed in Vegas a few places; Tuscany Suites & Hilton and Foxwoods Casino in CT in 2017. (where he was proud to perform in front of much of his own Family)

    It's in his VOICE


    Schedule a studio consultation with David if you want or need that type of inspiration and energy in your next session! In addition to that, together, you can figure out what your production needs are from there. You will also get tips on what to do to make your production shine in your particular demographic. Best of all, the same vocals and penmanship that brought you such songs as "Gin&Juice" , "The Shizznit" - (Snoop Dogg, "Soon" (Miki Howard), "Hunnids" - Doc Ice/Whodini and many more, can be at your disposal until it's finished.


    Exclusive Interview with former Temptations member’s son, David Ruffin. Jr.

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    Jan 28, 2016 - By Naomi K. Bonman. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, which stands true when it comes to being from a musically inclined family. David Ruffin Jr., son of legendary former lead singer of the Temptations David Ruffin, understands the expectation that has been placed upon him and he has ... 

    Eye Showcase: David Ruffin Jr. Interview eyeshowcase.blogspot.com

     "...However, his taste in music and song is different than his father's of course. That does not mean that David does not have old school talent because he does. When he sings old school, I can really hear the sound of his true voice better."

    Spyder D Ft. Chuck D & David Ruffin Jr. - In Case You Didn't Know [Newtroit Records Submitted]


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