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8/10/62 05/19/21
An Angel

“I adore you”

Nedra Terea Ruffin is a Queen amongst other wonderful titles. One title that she held for me early on in my childhood, was Hero!

Those who have meet her, might have gotten a hint of what it’s like to experience her confidence, kindness, demand for respect and natural born, father given style. Nene taught me to push and applaud myself when I overcame certain fears and uncertainty … I am certain that she’s affected others that she’s gotten close to. She was a “no new friends” kind of girl, but always down to swap stories and or take a picture for anyone that asked. And that had love for her loved ones… Especially Daddy!

A bad ass with a cotton heart…don’t ask her for a loan, it’s always reserved for her family. Whether her kids knew it or not.
Yep… Nedra Ruffin, always motivating, always hopeful, always helping and always there when I needed!
It could be almost impossible to replace the support that she provides for her babies in particular, let alone those that loved her back. My sisters and I understand their sorrow and sadness of losing a parent, but fortunately we haven’t lost our mothers and fathers both. Fortunately, we will keep her as we do all our transitioned loved ones closer than close, I just ask that the village keeps an eye on her daughters during this time.
I’m going to miss my hero, rebel, fun, compassionate, loyal, goofy big sister, but perhaps… I’m grateful that she doesn’t have to miss us any more!

Sleep in Heavenly Peace – DRJ (lil’david)

(PS: Hey Daddy’s girl? Tell Poppa we love him and his Queens and Prince are holding it down)


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